Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things To Buy on Clearance Now!

The clearance Christmas sales are kicking in.  This means savings on future gift buying for the year.  But what should you buy?

  • Anything Red:  With Valentine's Day coming up, red and white items are perfect.  Buying the Christmas kisses are good, too--you can save the green wrapped ones for yourself and use the red and silver ones to make goody bags for teachers, etc. for Valentine's Day.  Solid red paper plates and napkins are perfect for school Valentine's Day parties.  Also watch for cute gift sets, such as coffee and tea sets.  These make nice little gifts for birthdays, Valentine's day, and more.  Keep your eyes on other items that can be used outside of Christmas.
  • Wrapping paper:  Hobby Lobby has beautiful high quality wrapping paper that can be used for other occasions but since it comes in as holiday paper, it will be marked on clearance.  They have a wonderful assortment of paper and bows that can really be used for anything.  Last year, they had paper with crosses which is great for First Communion or other gifting.  I also bought red paper with white dots and use it as birthday wrap.  
  • Bows: Bows can be used year round for gift wrapping.
As far as Christmas items, consider making these purchases:
  • Gift Wrap, Bows, Gift Bags:  Why pay full price next December when you can get it at 80% off now?
  • Christmas Lights: Doesn't it seem every year that you can't get a string or two to work?  Or maybe you decide to add more.  Whatever the case may be, save yourself a few dollars and pick up some on clearance.
  • Christmas Ornaments and other Decor:  Do you gift people with Christmas decorations?  Buy now for significant savings. 
  • Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins:  If you entertain during the holidays, go ahead and pick this up.  If you find you didn't get enough next year, you can always supplement with solid colors.
  • Christmas Serving Dishes, Plates and Tins:  If you love delivering baked goods to others, pick up plates, tins or other containers to use with your baked goods you pass out.  At such cheap prices, you can give out your goods in style! 
  • Craft Kits:  Get your Christmas craft kits for your children to make for next year.  You might even have a "Christmas in July" day when the kids are bored during the summer and make the crafts.  Then, any for gift-giving will be ready come the holiday season!
  • Christmas Cards:  You can buy these now and come late fall, get them addressed and ready to be mailed in a jiffy!

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