Monday, January 7, 2013

Beat Those Winter Blues!

As a Claritin Mom, I received a little booklet entitled Fit for the Winter Season.  It is a nice little booklet that has some great suggestions for ways to beat the winter blues.  There are two ideas that I especially liked, and wanted to share with my readers.

The first suggestion is to host a cookie or cupcake decorating contest.  The suggestion is to make this a family activity, but I say why not invite friends for more fun!  Just have ready made or homemade cookies, frosting and fun toppings.  See who can be the most creative!

The second suggestion is to coordinate a series of pot-luck lunches.  Get with friends and their families and plan pot-luck lunches, rotating at a different family's home each week.  It offers a chance to get out and socialize in a different way.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions.  Let me know how you beat the winter blues!

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