Saturday, January 26, 2013

#Book #Review: All Kinds of... LOVE THIS SERIES!

I received a series of lift-the-flap books entitled All Kinds of...  The titles include All Kinds of Beliefs, All Kinds of Fears, All Kinds of Feelings, All Kinds of People, and All Kinds of Festivals.

These books are definitely geared towards the little guys since they are lift-the-flap, but really, I think their messages are for anyone.  I was a bit worried by some of the titles that they may push a liberal message, but they don't push any message at all.  Only that there are all kinds of people/faiths/festivals etc.  The books just state facts.  The language is simple without any underlying message.  For example, All Kinds of People, one page reads, "Some people have brown hair...Some people have hair that lies flat...some people like to braid their hair, some people have short hair, some people have straight air, some people have lots of hair.

As a counselor, I think these books are ideal for children to read.  It makes differences just a fact and okay.  It helps kids to understand fears are okay and that different people have different fears. It teaches kids that people have different beliefs, without stating one is right or wrong.  These books really teach tolerance and self acceptance.  Kudos to the authors!

Disclosure:  These books were sent to me in hopes that I would review them.  As always, this post contains my honest opinions.

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Sharon Martin said...

I love these type of books so cute.

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