Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day! Yeah!

I know some parents cringe at the thought of a snow day.  But not me.  Today, when I woke up and learned that school was cancelled for the day, my heart was happy.  I love having my girls home with me.  Of course, I went into their room around 7 (they were awake) and said, "Girls, we have to hurry--I overslept!"  You should have seen their faces.  Although there was no snow on the ground, there had been talk at school about school being cancelled because of a forecast of bad weather.

We never did get the snow, just a minor dusting, but it was so nice to have a long, relaxed breakfast with the girls.  We made homemade biscuits.  I made sausage and my daughter made scrambled eggs with cheese.  Not only did I miss working out at the gym as I usually do, I packed on extra calories.  But it was so worth it, being with my girls.

Here's to hoping for more snow days, but next time, with snow!  And not more than 5 so we don't have to make them up in the spring!

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Julie Wood said...

Sounds like you had a really nice day with your girls. It was cold where you are right! I saw that the weather got really cold all the way down to Georgia. Your meal that you made sounds delicious!

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