Sunday, February 24, 2013

Book Review: Bully in the Mirror: Making Hate Stop When You Don't Think You Can

The bullying issue in this country seems to be worse and worse, especially with the rise of social media.  Even with the increase in awareness, victims, bystanders, parents and teachers still are unsure how to handle bullying situations.

But a young woman, Shanaya Fastje, has made it her mission to make a change with her anti-bullying program.  At just 13 years old, Shanaya Fastje has spoken to thousands of children in schools all across the country.  Her book, Bully in the Mirror is used as a curriculum to teach others about bullying and how to stop it.

The book, at 164 pages, is a quick read.  I think young people can easily relate to her style of writing as well as the content.  However, this book is not just for young people, but for adults, too.  Fastje examines who the bully is, types of bullying, cyberbullying and suggests ways to combat bullying.  She not only give suggestions for stopping bullying for the victim, but parents, teachers and bystanders.  She encourages students to start anti-bullying teams at school.

It is quite evident that Fastje has researched bullying and issues.  I think victims will be reassured by her words and may feel empowered to do something about bullying or to, at minimum, tell an adult about it.  She offers sound advice to victims, bystanders, parents and teachers.  And at just 13 years old, she is definitely making a difference in people's lives.

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book to facilitate this review.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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