Friday, February 8, 2013

Do These Kids Deserve a Prom?

Senior prom is one of the biggest even in high schoolers lives.  Girls dream of beautiful dresses, fancy dinners and dreamy boys.  Boys dream of, well, we all know what high school boys dream of.

So would a principal seriously cancel prom?  Yes.  Once in the Cincinnati, Ohio area has.  The grounds for cancelling prom was a water balloon fight in the lunch room.  That's right--a senior prank.

But before you go ballistic, saying kids will be kids and that's not fair, you have to hear the rest of the story.

The principal caught wind of the water balloon fight long before it happened.  She repeatedly warned the students if it took place, prom would be cancelled.  The students didn't heed the warning and a huge water balloon fight took place.  One student suffered a serious knee injury after slipping.

So, true to her word, the principal cancelled prom.

Seems fair enough to me.  But some parents disagree that prom should be cancelled and are talking about raising money for the kids to have a prom anyway.  SERIOUSLY???  Your kid blatantly broke a rule, knowing full well what the consequence would be in advance.  And you want to reward them with a prom?

This wasn't some innocent prank--this was a huge water balloon fight that not only disrupted the entire day, but lead to one serious injury.  This could have been even more serious--wet floors with kids running around.  The principal was simply trying to protect the students and staff.

Even students interviewed said they couldn't really be mad because they were told what would happen in advance.

I say kudos to the principal for sticking to her word.  And shame on the parents for rewarding kids who deserve to be punished.

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Some Lucky Dog said...

I'm with you, no prom for these kids!

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