Monday, February 11, 2013

Do You Need to Clean Up Your Facebook? New Graphing Tells All

Now "liking" a Facebook page could possibly get you in trouble with an prospective employer or others.  With Facebooks new "Graph" search, it allows people to find out what pages you have "liked."

A quick and easy way to clean up your Facebook, if you should need to, is to use a new app called SimpleWash.  Run this app and it will look for keywords that could get you in trouble and let you know.  Then, you can unlike the pages or delete the posts.  Although I had no concerns, I did run the app just to see how it works.  It did pull up that I had liked a mommy blogger site who focuses on natural childcare, including breast feeding.  I guess the word "breast" triggered the page.  I had the option to unlike the page or leave it be.

So, if you are in the job market, realize that potential employers are looking at Facebook pages and might see what you have liked.

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Amy said...

Ann thank you for sharing this information. I would love to know more about this Graph "thingy". It seems like now even if you have private listings nothing is private. I don't have any reason to hide anything but sure am not excited about my information being shared with everyone either.

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