Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emergency Romance Kit--Last Minute, Low Cost Valentine's Day Idea

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What is the best Valentine's gift?  Is it flowers?  Jewelry?  Golf clubs?  No, the best Valentine's gift is time spent with your loved ones--that's what truly keeps your fire burning.  But just saying, "Here's your gift, time with me" can seem pretty lame and thoughtless.  But why not make up a romantic package for that time spent together?

First, grab a Duraflame Gold 7 log.  I love these because they burn like a fire, but last for 4+ hours.  Plus, unlike firewood, there is not a trail of debris from the front door to the fireplace (especially the one in the bedroom).  Then you can pick up a favorite romantic CD, a few chocolates, massage oil, bubble bath.  Put it all together in a basket and give it to your honey with a little note that says, You set my heart on fire.  You and your sweetie are sure to love the closeness that this gift will bring!

You can buy a 4-pk of Duraflame Ultra-Premium Gold 4-Pack 7LB Firelogs for just $25.51, making them about $6.30 a piece.  Pick up a basket at a Goodwill (they always have tons of gift baskets) or a gift bag from the dollar store.  You can get Massage Oils for as little as a few dollars.  Pick up some romantic music or be even more thoughtful and make your own romantic playlist.   Don't forget your little love note--you can even just write it on a sticky.  Throw in a couple chocolates.  Add a candle and you are good to go with a thoughtful, romantic gift for less than $25!

And don't just think this can only be for Valentine's Day.  This little "emergency romance kit" can be given to a loved one all winter long to ignite the fire!

Disclosure:  I received the gift package in the photo in exchange for sharing with my readers about an emergency romance kit.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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