Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's the Little Things That Matter Most for Children #children #parenting

My 5 year-old daughter really wanted a plush "Spot."  Spot is a fictional character from a Dr. Seuss book Put Me in the Zoo.  So, with some Christmas money, I scoured the internet and found one for her.  Spot has been a great friend from the start.  When she was scared to go to swim lesson, Spot (with the help of mom) had a long talk with her.  They laughed and giggled over Spot's crazy funny story about how she was terrified of swim lessons and how she got over her fear.  The next day, my daughter excitedly went to swim lessons.

Spot also tends to move around the house on his own and really, really likes to read books.  Claire is pretty attached to her and tucks her into a little bed next to hers every night. I know she knows that Spot isn't alive, but she loves the magic of Spot.  Sort of like the kids who pretty much have Santa Claus figured out, but still believe for the fun.

So, when she decided it was Spot's birthday today, I encouraged her to have a party.  She and her sister blew up balloons and put up some decorations.  She decided it was going to be a surprise party and we all hid, then jumped out and sang to spot.  Her older sister even did a special birthday dance for Spot.  Claire loved every minute of it.

I am fairly certain that this will be one of Claire's fondest childhood memories.

Happy Birthday, Spot!

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