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Review: Ology--Free of Harmful Chemicals! #chemicalfree @ologybrand @walgreens #green

I really worry about all the chemicals that are added to household products and do my best to eliminate as many as possible.  One problem I have run into, though, is cost.  Then I learned of Ology products.  These products are sold exclusively at Walgreens and is the first affordable brand of products that are free of harmful chemicals and found across the nation.

Ology makes quite a few products, including:
Baby Care:  Lotion and 2-in-1 body wash
Personal Care:  Adult shampoo and conditioner
Laundry:  Liquid detergent and fabric softener
Cleaners:  Glass and all-purpose
Paper:  Bath and facial tissue, paper towels and copy paper
Lighting:  Compact florescent light bulbs

I tried three products--the glass cleaner, fabric softener and toilet paper.

ology glass cleaner
The Ology window cleaner boasts a "glossy streak-free finish."  I have a horrible time with streaks on my kitchen windows and the sun hits it just so that you can see every streak and they look awful.  Today, I tried the Ology window cleaner.  The bottle had a nice, light spray.  I wiped the window and the surface seemed to dry quickly and without streaks.  But I knew the true test would be when the sun was setting this evening.  I was pleasantly surprised that my windows looked great!   I was very pleased with the results--and with no nasty chemicals! 

Next, I reviewed the Ology 2x Fabric Softener.  It is plant based and softens fabric while reducing static.  It does suggest using a capful and a half (the cap if VERY small) per load in the rinse cycle.  The 50 Fl. Oz. bottle will soften 33 loads and it is HE and conventional machine compatible.
ology fabric softener, plant-based cleaner
I thought it worked great.  I hadn't read the instructions and only used a capful and it seemed to do the job.  Clothes felt soft and it was nice knowing there was no waxy residue left behind.  I liked the scent--Spring Lavender and Vanilla.  It is light and fresh smelling but wasn't noticeable on the clothing.  I did not like the shape of the bottle and hope they change it.  It looks cute, however, it is difficult to pour out if it using one hand when it is full.  Actually, it is impossible.  You can only slip two fingers in the hole and when you try to tip it, your fingers slide around, not allowing the bottle to tip.  I certainly hope they change this design.

One thing I did notice was that it contains 50 fl.oz. and only does 33 loads.  My other fabric softener is in a 32 fl. oz. bottle and does 40 loads.  But then again, my old stuff isn't plant based and who knows what it contains.
ology toilet paper, tree free toilet paper
The last thing I tried is the toilet paper.  As I was pleased with the other two products, I had high hopes for the toilet paper.  I think I should have lowered my expectations.  I have used softer RV toilet paper.  This stuff is not soft at all, in my opinion.  I will say it is strong and doesn't tear easy. My husband asked, "What kind of industrial toilet paper did you buy?"  He wasn't happy.  However, after reading the label, I kind of feel like maybe I should sacrifice softness every now and then to help the earth.  This toilet paper is 100% tree free and is made from sugarcane husk and bamboo.  It is biodegradable (which, by the way, is spelled wrong on the packaging).  It is septic safe.  The bamboo used in this toilet paper regenerates in as little as six months, where as traditional paper made from trees takes the trees up to 35 years to replace.

Now, lets talk about pricing.  The pricing of all three products was right in line or less than pricing for similar products.  The bath tissue was $5 for 12 rolls.  The fabric softener was about $6 and the window cleaner was around $3-something.  Pretty amazing since other companies seem to be charging more for the greener products.

For more information about Ology products, stop by your local Walgreens or visit them at:

Disclosure:  I received a gift card to purchase the above mentioned products to facilitate this review.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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