Monday, March 11, 2013

Know a Veteran? Honor them with a Free Trip to D.C. to Visit WWII Memorial

Do you know a WWII veteran?  If so, you should let them know about the Honor Flight Network Program.  This is a program started by Earl Morse, a doctor and retired Air Force Captain who wanted to honor the WWII veterans the cared for.  When the World War II Memorial was completed in 2004, it is all he heard his patients at the Veterans Affair Clinic talk about.  But talk was all they did--they were never able to reach their dreams of going to visit the memorial.  It wasn't financially or physically possible for them to make the trip on their own and family and friends were also unable to take the time or have the resources to go with them.

Morse, also a pilot, decided he wanted to do something about this.  And he did.  He got other pilots to volunteer their time, more people volunteered and funds were raised.  And they began flying deserving heroes to our nation's capital to visit their memorial for FREE!  They have volunteers that help with any physical or medical challenges these men have and make it a wonderful trip for them.

I learned of the program early on.  It took a while for me to convince my dad to sign up, but he finally did.  My father LOVED the trip.  I still remember hearing a voice mail from him where he sounded like a child in a candy store, full of excitement, telling me what he did that day.  He also told us how wonderful the volunteers were.  They did a great job making sure all of these men had all their needs met.

The program has grown tremendously over the years and there is a waiting list, but if you know of a veteran that would like to make a trip of their life, have them read up more about it at

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