Thursday, March 7, 2013

Short Season is Around the Corner--Get a Smooth Shave!

This winter seems to have really drug on.  We are already in March and have been in below average temps for weeks on end and the sun has been non-existent.  However, I am hopeful that short season is just around the corner.  And with that, many women start shaving their legs again.

Okay, I am not one of them.  And I don't mean that I don't shave my legs.  I mean that I don't have to start shaving because shave my legs every single day of the year.  Whether I put shorts on or not.  Yep.  I can't stand to feel bristly.  So I shave.  I guess you could say I am a shaving expert.

Schick Xtreme3 Razor
Anyhoo, I was asked to review the Schick Xtreme 3 with scented Hawaiian Tropic handles.  I was game.  Upon opening the package, I could smell the Hawaiian Tropic.  So reminded me of the beach and sunshine!  The handle is easy to grasp, even when wet.  (I once quit using a certain brand because the handle was slippery.)  The colors are an attractive green and orange.  But to me, all that is just fluff and not worth anything if the razor doesn't provide a smooth, close shave.

The blade is narrow--not one that has a wide casing around it.  It does have three blades for a close shave.  It also has a lubricating strip, but I don't feel that did much.  I typically lather up with some quality soap to shave.  This blade didn't really glide over my skin or feel very smooth shaving.  It wasn't rough, but I could feel it.  However, the results were great!  I had a close shave, especially in the bikini area, without razor burn.  In fact, this razor is guaranteed to fight razor burn!  (If dissatisfied, you can call and get a free replacement or your money back.)  I also did not nick myself anywhere as happens with some new blades.  I got a great shave over my knees without making any extra effort, either.

So gear up, spring is just around the corner.  And with a money-back guarantee, why not try Shick Extreme3?

Disclosure:  I received a package of Schick Xtreme3 Razors to facilitate this review.  I received no compensation.  As always, this review contains my honest opinions.

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