Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips for Healthy Snacking

Guest Post

Sensible Snacking: Take the extra effort to reach for fruits & veggies rather than the bag of chips for a healthy snack. Indulge in carrots and celery or have fruit readily available for you and your family to snack on.

Nix Sugary Soda: Soda is filled with calories and carbs but offer little to no nutritional value. Instead of consuming the 250 calories that can be found in a 20 ounce soda, opt for ahealthy alternative such as HINT Fizz, which is a zero calorie, zero sugar sparkling water with a HINT of all-natural flavor.

Vending Machine Alternatives: If you get hungry at the office or while at your kid’s soccer game, stop yourself from choosing those unhealthy vending machine foods. Instead, keep fruit cups or whole grain crackers in your car, purse or desk for healthy snacking.

Don’t Blame Budget: It’s a common misconception that you can’t eat healthy on a limited budget but surprisingly there are plenty of ways to choose a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.  Be a smart shopper – clip coupons, know your sales, and don’t be an impulse shopper.

Prepare for Family Meals: As a busy parent, it’s not always easy to whip up an extravagant family dinner but this is the opportune time to establish healthy eating for your family. Keep things simple while still being healthy - build a collection of recipes for quick and easy family favorites. 

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