Friday, March 15, 2013

Truly The Greatest Show On Earth--Still Time to See @ringlingbros #cincycircus @BigTopVoice

Last night, my family attended the Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus performance DRAGONS.  This was an incredible performance!

We started out by joining a group of bloggers and their families with a little Q&A session with the Ringmaster's wife and two performers.  This was a fun, informative way to get the night started.  Adults and children alike asked questions of the two performers.  We learned interesting things about circus life.
Both women were moms.  Their children were on the road with them as they traveled and were homeschooled.  In addition, the children took gymnastics lessons, juggling lessons and more.  The children do not perform in the circus--you must be 18 to perform.  But they definitely do get in on the fun.

The circus still travels by train.  I would love to see the circus train go by one day!
Some performers have come from generations of circus performers, while others are first generation performers.  One mother said she hopes her son will perform in the circus when he gets older.

Both women just simply love to perform.  The atmosphere of the circus is an exciting place!

Then it was time for the circus all-access pre-show!  This starts about an hour before the show and really builds excitement.  Kids could get tatoos, watch ponies and donkeys perform, see clowns perform, dance and more!

Then the circus began.  The music, the lights, the performances were incredible!

The acrobats were amazing!  The trapeze artists were breathtaking!

The kids eyes light up with wonder and amazement!  At times, they couldn't even stay in their seats and were hopping up and down, hooting and hollering and clapping!

We saw motorcycles in the ball--8 at a time, zipping around and going upside down.  In the pictures, it looks like a blur, but WOW!

Lions and tigers, OH MY!  He had them trained like dogs and even snuggles and kisses the lion!

The sweet elephants...

There was so much more in between, but my blog page would never open if I added all the pictures.  Let me just say--it was a fun time.

My children were completely amazed.  My youngest didn't remember going to the circus, but my oldest remembered the other one we went to years ago and said, "This circus was waaaaaay better!"  She then added, "This is the greatest show on earth!"  I think we all have to agree!

There is still time to catch the show here in Cincinnati at the US Bank Arena:

SAT, MARCH 16: 11 AM; 3 PM; 7 PM
SUN, MARCH 17: 1:00 PM; 5:00PM

For tickets, purchase at the show or

Disclosure:  As a Feld Entertainment blogger, I was provided tickets to this show in hopes that I would share my honest opinions.  

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Hobbies on a Budget said...

WE got to to the circus last fall and absolutely loved it! The girls look like they were having a ball! I couldn't believe how fun the music part of the circus was! Glad you got to go!

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