Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Play Sustainable this Earth Day with Blue Orange Toys #eco #green #wooden #toys #earthday

With Earth Day approaching, what can your family do to show the earth a little love?  How about turning off the TV, powering down your electronics and enjoying a family game night?  Blue Orange Games has a great collection of sustainably made wooden games for kids of all ages that makes them a perfect choice for Earth Day.

Blue Orange is actually the first recipient of Dr. Toy's Green Company Award because they respect the environment and are committed to eco-friendly initiatives.  Since 2007, they have been planting two trees for every tree used in creating their wooden games and playing cards.  They also partner with Pur Projet to offset their carbon footprint.  (Pur Projet provides native trees for reforestation of small producers' cocoa plantations in the Amazon.)

So not only would you be kind to earth by powering down, playing Blue Orange games as opposed to others would be another kindness to the earth!

Check out their fun, sustainable wooden games and watch for my upcoming review of Gobblet!

Keekee the Rocking Monkey (New!)

Ages 3+ / 1 - 6 Players
Keekee the Monkey is ready for his big act: juggling balls while balancing on a giant banana! How many balls can Keekee juggle? Players choose the right ball and place it in the right place on this friendly little monkey. Place the last ball on Keekee without any falling to win! The look on kids’ faces as Keekee sways to and fro is priceless. This all wooden game develops dexterity and teaches the principles of weight and balance. 

(Dr. Toy Best Green Product)

Ages 5+ / 2 Players
Fastrack is a high speed disc-flinging game powered by your finger! Use the elastic band to fire all of the discs through the tiny slot to the other side of the track. It's easier said than done! Aim carefully but don't delay or you’ll be bombarded by your opponent’s zooming discs. Ride the fine line between fast speed and accuracy to win! This all wooden tabletop game is sustainably made.

(Dr. Toy Best Green Product)

Ages 7+ / 2 Players
Gobble up, line up, and win! As easy as Tic-Tac-Toe, Gobblet can be learned in a few seconds and is fun to play again and again. Elegantly designed and sustainably made, Gobblet self-stores all the playing pieces and looks attractive on display. With irresistible, fast-moving play and astonishingly simple rules, Gobblet is a fun strategy game for the whole family. Over 1 million sold and a Blue Orange classic!

(New Design!)

Ages 3+ / 1 - 4 Players
An all wooden stacking game that teaches colors and counting, Zimbbos is the perfect first game for little ones. Players take turns rolling the die to find out how many elephants to stack on to the pyramid, following numerical order. Roll a star to add a balancing bar or circus character. The player to place the 10th elephant on the pyramid without it tumbling down wins! Children develop dexterity and balance awareness while exploring their creativity with Zimbbos. 

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