Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Walk in the Woods

I am a big believer that nature can do wonders for the soul.  When I walk in the woods, I am able to leave the world behind.  I also love to photograph the beauty I see.  In fact, after my dog and I walked today, I returned to the woods with my camera.   Picture after picture I snapped.  I questioned why I take these photos.  I am not a professional photographer (nor will ever be), I don't enter photos in contests (although I have a couple that might be worthy), I don't even print my photos anymore.  So why take so many pictures--some of even the same things, year after year?

I pondered this question and finally arrived at an answer.  It is because I am driven to see the beauty and glory that God created.  Too often in this world, we see the other--the evil, the bad, the negative.  And when we aren't seeing that, we are often rushing around with our lives--too busy to notice the beauty.  And so the snap of the shutter is a reminder to stop and find the beauty.  To focus in on it.  To glorify God.


Hobbies on a Budget said...

Beautiful! Inspiring! Love these! Why do we snap the shutter? You're right - to help capture for a moment what God does!

Amy said...

This is great! I love nature myself. Taking a walk in the woods or just outdoors is soo relaxing. And I am constantly awed by the Creator's creation. The mix of colors, life, and so much more. I too love to snap pics, for what reason.... hmmmm... since I am no photographer, but it is so fun to capture a beautiful sunset, a blue sky with interesting clouds, the flowers in my garden or just a single one popping up out of nowhere. HE is truly an awesome GOD!!

Debby said...

One of my absolute favorite things to do! Spend time in the woods on the trails; sometimes walking with my camera, sometimes mixing in some sprints with the walks.
Today was a beautiful day in the woods for me, also!

Thanks for your blog post! :)

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