Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Savvy of a Shopper Are You? Many Don't Know a Deal When They See One

How many times do we feel frustrated because we forgot our coupon when shopping?  Or something we really want or need isn't on sale?  Haven't we all said why don't stores just do away with the coupons and sales and just lower prices?  One did.  JCPenney.  They quit having sales and coupons and just lowered their prices.

I will be honest.  It took me a while to start shopping there.  I admit--I am not a mall shopper.  But when I was on a mission to find something, find it I did.  At JCPenney.  And cheaper than everyone else.  With no sale.  No coupon.  In fact, it was cheaper than the competition with the sale and coupon.  So, I began shopping there more often.  They still had their clearance sales, which were incredible!  They took returns anytime.  All good stuff, right?

But it failed.

Why?  I think we are so accustomed to the sales ads and the coupons that we couldn't let go.  Even if it meant greater savings without.

So JCPenney's marketing strategy failed miserably.  They outed their CEO and brought someone in.  They have raised the prices and have sales at higher prices.  After all, sales bring in the unsavvy shopper.

Where did Penny's go wrong in this campaign?  First of all, I don't think their initial marketing was strong enough when they did away with sales and coupons.  When I was asking for a coupon at the store, that's how I found out.  Then, they sort of dropped off the face of the earth as far as advertising went, just hoping it would catch on.  Toward the end, I started seeing a couple good commercials, but it was probably a little too late.

Second, they didn't recognize the power of the Mom Bloggers.  Yes, bring in a few of us to get the word out and I think the lower price campaign would have worked.  I know that in my group of friends, when we started to talk about the changes at Penny's, more of us started to shop there.

It was a brilliant idea on JCPenney's part, but too many shoppers were not smart enough to see the savings.

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Marsha Cooper said...

Interesting---one of my friend did an online post just yesterday about the JC Penney fail.
Not long ago I bought 2 nice dresses from the clearance racks. One for $8 and the other for $4.
I was in there with my mom, who had a $10 off anything coupon.

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