Sunday, May 5, 2013

My New Friend

This weekend, a young dog wandered into my neighbors' yard.  Being kind-hearted as they are, they took her in and have been trying to locate the owners.  The dog is microchipped, but company was unable to reach the owner.  However, they did speak with someone who was listed as an emergency contact, but as of tonight, no one has called for the little gal.  She has been listed all over the internet but no one has claimed her.  She is sweet as she can be, and seeing that my neighbors can't take on another animal (they already have 2 dogs and a few cats), they turned to me.

Our dog is now 12 and the girls have been dying to have a puppy.  And although this gal isn't quite a puppy, she is still under 1 and fun.  We have taken her in for the time being and may end up adopting her if her owners never call.  Isn't she adorable?


francis485 said...

omg she is so cute, congrats on your new friend, i hope she becomes your best friend like my dogs are to me. i wish i could have more dogs but i am at my max, four min pins,good luck

ann said...

Pup looks like it was someones pet and well taken care of. Alteast the kids can get and idea of whats involved with a pet while shes there and maybe you will get lucky and she can stay for good with yous.

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