Thursday, May 9, 2013

The "Ick-tionary"--A Hilarious Look at Life's Messy Moments #icktionary @clorox #paid

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We all know many things that are icky, but once we become parents, the icky comes to a whole new level.  And I mean a WHOLE new level.  As a mom, I have faced things that are so icky that it is disturbing!  What do you call it when your baby has a blowout that escapes the diaper?  Or when your baby puts its foot in a soiled diaper and runs around with it?  What do you call the germ-infested neighbor on the plane?  What do you call figuring out what is in that container of leftover food in the back of the fridge and if it is still edible?  

There has got to be names for some of these icky things.  But what are they?  And where do you find them?  I mean, we have all been at some level of icky-ness at some point in our lives, so why has no one come up with a common language to describe our icky messes in one word?

Someone finally has.  Or I should say that collectively, people have and they have been gathered on one site.  Clorox has introduced the Ick-tionary—a dictionary filled with icky every-day and beyond messes that parents and non-parents alike can relate to.  These are words and definitions straight from the source—everyday people like you and me.  The Clorox Ick-tionary is ick-larious.  I mean hilarious!  You can visit the site and read all the funny words and meanings.  I am sure that you will relate to many of the words and definitions in the Ick-tionary.  These hilarious words and definitions are ones that you are sure to incorporate into your everyday vocabulary.

Maybe you have a word and definition that is just as good or better than the one you read.  If so, why keep it to yourself?  You can submit it to be shared with other Ick-tionary readers.  I even came up with a few Ick-tionary words to share with my readers:
Germaprobe: toddler’s finger loose in a public restroom.  You can only imagine where they are going to stick it and the germs they will pick up.  And naturally, the next thing they will do will be to put their little fingers in their mouths.  It is enough to make any mother jump off the toilet mid-pee with jeans around their ankles to stop those adorable fingers from ending up in their mouth! 
Splash-a-rrhea: what splashes up around the toilet after you know what.  I don't even want to use anymore words to describe this.  Yeah, and doesn't it figure that this happens just after you clean the toilet?  Couldn't happen the day before you cleaned it, could it?  Noooo, it only happens in the nice, sparkly clean potty.

Find definitions like this and more at the the Clorox Ick-tionary website.  Here is a bit of what you will find:

     The new language of mess and the featured word(s) of the week
      A coupon for 75 cents off any Clorox® product, while supplies last
      A place to submit your own funny words or phrases that help you get through the ick
      How to clean up the ick. Get solutions from Clorox® to help conquer the next icky situation
     A place to interact with the words and play fun games for the chance to win a $25 prize

The Clorox Ick-tionary is a great site to visit.  I promise, you will get a good laugh while you are there!

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Disclosure:  This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.


Hobbies on a Budget said...

Splash-a-rhea??? Now that's my husband's kind of dictionary lol... He and the kids love crazy words and definitions!

Mumsgather said...

Lol. The Icknionary sounds fun!

Sharon Martin said...

Sounds hilarious, one I must show my hubbie !!

Amy Smith said...

I wonder if the kids and I can learn some new vocabulary words for homeschool? LOL! That is the kind of dictionary I need to describe alot of things...

Samantha said...

idk if i really want more icky in my life, lol :P thats funny tho!

Petula Wright said...

Now that's my kind of dictionary! :-) You managed to ick me out with your words. Perfect. Thumbnasty is what I call the thumb that is out and about all day long then goes right to the mouth in the car. Ick - all the germs right to the mouth.

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