Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep Students Expensive Tech Devices Safe this School Year Plus #Sweepstakes for a DSLR Camera!

Summer is nearing an end and children everywhere are gearing up to go back to school and college. Over the years, school "supplies" have gotten more expensive.  With kids having laptops, iPads, smart phones and other technological devices, there is a lot more to lose if items are stolen. The good news is that Master Lock has the perfect solution.  They sent me a combination lock to try for free.

They have a variety of padlocks for lockers, suitcases, boxes, and more.  One that recently caught my eye is the word combination padlock.  Instead of numbers, you can choose a 4-letter combination for your safety combination.  Also, no two to the right, one to the left hassle.  The lock is easy to set.  Start by opening the lock with the word LOCK.  Open the lock.  Then, with a coin placed in the slot at the bottom of the lock, turn the slot in the direction of the arrow so the circle at the end of the slot aligns with the circle next to the arrow.  Adjust the dials to your new 4 letter combination.  Turn the center slot back to the original position and voila!  You are done!

This is a fun, funky lock that is great for those who have trouble remembering number combination.  It is easy to line up the letters and open the lock.

The lock is perfect for lockers and cabinets.  It is very strong and easy to use.  The hardened steel shackle makes it difficult to cut through.  Another neat feature is that you can visit www.masterlockvault.com and enter your password, so even if you forget, Master Lock won't!

And now, through September 8, vistitors to Master Lock's Facebook page www.facebook.com/MasterLock or www.MasterCampusChallenge.com can earn points for a chance to win gift cards, the latest electronics – including a media center with HDTV and gaming console – Master Lock products and more. The game changes each week and features a different animated lock in a unique campus location, and participants will be challenged to correctly identify the lock’s code.  Once you figure out the hint provided in the game and clues posted to the Master Lock Facebook page, players enter the code on a virtual lock. After successfully decoding each week’s lock in the game, users will be notified if they are the daily instant winner. You can play as many times as you would like and earn up to 12 points per day for entries toward the weekly sweepstakes and grand prize. The more a player participates, the more chances they have to win. Sweepstakes winners will be selected at random.

Another way to enter the promotion is through the “#MasterCampusChallenge” contest by showing Master Lock how you master any security challenge. Simply snap a creative shot or video of their Master Lock product, and upload it through Instagram or Twitter with #mastercampuschallenge hashtag, for additional entry points into the “Master Campus Challenge” sweepstakes and a chance to win a digital SLR camera. The contest winner will ultimately be determined through a review by a panel of judges.

Other great products from Master Lock to keep your belongings safe include:

1500eDBX dialSpeed™ Digital Combination Padlock – Users can eliminate their fears of the forgotten combination with this high-tech digital lock, ideal for today’s gaming generation. In addition to storing multiple primary and guest codes, each lock is preprogrammed with a unique permanent Backup Master Code users can retrieve online from www.MasterLockVault.com. The dialSpeed offers ultrafast entry, high security technology, a directional interface, easy-to-recall resettable personalized codes, and a light-up keypad for advanced, yet easy to use, operation. Its sleek, ergonomic design allows for one-handed, no-look operation. The dialSpeed Digital Combination Padlock comes in both white and black and is available at masterlock.com for $15.99.

1590D Precision Dial™ – This set-your-own combination solution is ideal for students who are most comfortable with a rotary dial interface, but want to leave memorization for their math classes. This year, Precision Dial colors let students rock vibrant turquoise, red and purple shades on-trend with the fall 2013 PANTONE Fashion Color Report. The Precision Dial is also available in always-stylish black and retails for $7.99.

5900D SafeSpace™ – This portable personal safe provides students with protection for smart phones, cash, credit cards, keys, jewelry, cameras and more to keep valuables safe while socializing. The oval-shaped, foam-lined case features an integrated cable that can be securely anchored to a fixed object or used as a handle for convenient carrying. The SafeSpace is available in white, grey and pink and retails for $19.99.

2120D and 2120DWD Set-Your-Own Combination SafeSpace™ Laptop Computer Lock– This trusted computer lock provides peace of mind for the college-bound kind. With one laptop stolen every 53 seconds**, this type of protection is a must. Its strong, self-coiling cable, trusted dial locking mechanism and durable metal construction make the SafeSpace Laptop Computer Lock an ideal solution for any student seeking to help protect their valuable electronics, and it allows students to walk away from their laptops without their laptops “walking away” from them. It also offers users ultimate personalization with more than 10,000 numeric or alpha combination possibilities. Both the 2120D and 2120DWD SafeSpace Laptop Lock models retail for $19.99.

1500iD Speed Dial™ Set-Your-Own Combination Lock – This lock is the ultimate, portable high-security combination lock solution. Its innovative design opens with a combination of directional movements, offering students speed and ease of use. It is also ideal for visually impaired students as users don’t need to see the lock to open it. The Speed Dial retails for $8.99 and is available in red, blue, white, black, and a white with pink breast cancer awareness design.

1535D and 1535DWD Set-Your-Own Combination Locks – These are perfect for those students who prefer to create memorable combinations in the form of numbers or a word, initials or a favorite acronym. With more than 10,000 combinations, they are easy to set and reset and sport a slim, ergonomic form. Select styles are available in black or white with brightly colored dials and retail for $7.99.

Master Lock Vault – Protecting the information students use online is just as important as securing valuables in a dorm room. The Master Lock Vault is a free digital safe deposit box offering convenient storage and industry-leading security. With just one password to unlock them all, students can utilize the Vault to store and retrieve user names, passwords, lock combinations, account information, and digital documents. They can even program important reminder notifications and enjoy 24/7 access via smart phone app or website, available at www.MasterLockVault.com.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a lock to facilitate this review   This review contains my honest opinions.


Hobbies on a Budget said...

This is a great lock! My son is going into 6th grade this year and will have locker combinations for the first time, so last week I bought him a traditional lock and he has been practicing every day. But this lock sure looks easier!

Self Sagacity said...

Oh wow. I love this one too. Not only my kids, but I need one for the swimming pool.

Elizabeth Towns said...

I love Master Lock. My daughter is going to boarding school this year and she will be taking a lock with her - probably two. I like this one because it seems like it will be easier for her to remember and to use. Great post.

Elizabeth T, Early Riser

Marsha Cooper said...

We could use some of these for sure!
You don't want to know how many locks we have laying around that we have no idea what the combination is.

Samantha said...

perfect for back to school

Becky Lyons Borgia said...

Wow. I have never seen a lock like this before. Ingenious.

Elizabeth Towns said...

I need to get my daughter a comment for a footlocker I need to send to her at school. I think this is just what we need. Thanks

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