Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Your Kids Don't Want to Play with Other Kids--A Teaching Opportunity

My girls were playing with two girls from up the street at my house today.  But there is a gaggle of other children who live at this end of the street.  Due to some differences in play activities, my girls and their friends did not want to play with the other children, who were heading down the street.  I heard the four of them discussing yelling to the other kids that they don't want to play and heading inside to hide.  I happened to be outside doing yard work and called the children over.  I pointed out that the other children might be hurt by this and asked how they would feel if someone did this to them.  They agreed that they would not like it.  I suggested that they simply tell the other children that the four of them were playing a game right now by themselves and they would love to play another time.  The girls did this and the other children said okay and left.

This situation taught the girls how use their manners, be assertive and be cognisant of others feelings.  And hopefully, they will remember this the next time they don't want to play with someone.

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