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Check Out My Review of the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine! @BISSELLclean

I recently had a complimentary rental for the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine.  Having a new puppy, an older dog with poor bladder control, two kids and a host of neighbor kids running in and out of the house, my carpets have been well-loved, to put it nicely. And to make matters worse, some of my carpets are a very light almost white color.  Or were at one time.

I have used professional carpet cleaners.  One company I loved.  They made my carpets look great.  But they charge me an arm and a leg.  Other companies weren't as expensive but only did a mediocre job.  Then, the last time I called my favorite company out, my rugs just looked okay in the high traffic area.  I just figured the carpets were wearing out.  

I watched the video of how to use the Bissell Big Green.  It looked much easier than other rentals I have used in the past. I was game for trying it out myself and hopefully saving a few hundred dollars.

I picked up the machine at Lowe's Home Improvement.  Well, actually, I didn't.  It is pretty heavy so allowed my husband to do that. The rental was for 24 hours and would cost $24.99 (I had a coupon for a free rental, though).  It came with a brochure detailing how to use it.  The instructions are clear and concise. Move any furniture out of the room and vacuum thoroughly before starting.  They also suggest retreating heavily soiled carpet in high traffic areas such as entryways and hallways.  After that, you fill the tank.  This is very easy to do--just lift the handle and remove the dirty water tank.  Lift out the clean water tank and fill the tank to the fill water line and add two capfuls of Bissell formula.  Return the tank to the base and top with the empty dirty water tank.  I was set to go.

There's hubs, helping out with a smile on his face!

When cleaning, simply turn the machine on.  Moving forward, press the trigger on the handle and make one slow forward wet pass and another back.  Then release the trigger and go forward and back over the same area to remove the residual dirty water and to help in drying.  Repeat passes until solution being pulled up appears clean.  Then continue passes without pressing the trigger till there is no more water being pulled up.

You can also clean upholstery and stairs by attaching a solution hose onto the unit.  It's very simple to do and the cleaning concept is the same, only you are using the solution hose.

It is very easy to change the dirty water tank.  It is right on top and you just lift the handle and pull up.  Then unlatch the top and dump your dirty water out.

It was very easy to clean the carpets using the Bissell Green, but the results were amazing.  Even though I forgot to purchase the pretreat solution, this cleaning gave my carpets new life!  Honestly, they looked better than the last times I had them professionally cleaned.  I also liked that the Big Green really absorbed up the water.  Dry time for the carpets was quick.  By nightfall, they felt dry.  We waited, though, to move furniture till the next day just to be certain.

Here are some before and after pictures.  There were little pee spots as well as other spots all over the carpet. (Fortunately, little one is housebroken now.)

Compliments of Bluebell.

And here is the after of the same areas:

Look, no pee spot anymore!
I also used it to clean a couch that I bought for my office.  It did wonders on the couch!  I wish I had taken my camera and taken some before and after photos to show, but unfortunately, I was tired and wanted to get it done and get back home.  It was very easy to use.  However, instead of pulling the trigger as I drug it across the couch, I used it more as a spray, then suctioned it as I feared getting the couch cushions too wet.

Another nice thing I liked is that the cleaner is very concentrated, so by only needing to use two capsules, a bottle of it goes a long, long way!

I do have a couple tips to share with you about cleaning carpets.
  1. It is really important that you vacuum well before cleaning.  Otherwise, hair and gunk will clog up the cleaner (I know this from past experience).
  2. It really is usually impossible to move all the furniture out of a room, unless you are only cleaning one room.  If that is the case, move the furniture to one side, clean, then move to the side you cleaned, placing pieces of wax paper under the furniture legs.  This will prevent rust spots on your carpet.  Leave wax paper until the carpet is thoroughly dried.
  3. Tie up your drapes/curtains.  The ends can absorb the moisture and end up leaving water stains on your drapes.
  4. Consider doing areas of your house at a time.  Doing the entire house can become physically grueling and taxing, especially for those not in good shape.  My husband and I both shared in doing the cleaning, so it wasn't too difficult to get the house done.
  5. Pre-treating is a wonderful idea.  Wish I had thought of that before I started.  
  6. Follow the instructions for cleaning the Big Green before returning in order to get your deposit back.
  7. Fans can speed up the drying time.
I know that the next time the carpets need clean, even if it is just one room, I will definitely rent the Big Green.  

Disclosure:  I received coupons for free rental of the Big Green Machine, as well as the cleaning formula to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated in any fashion.  This review contains my honest opinions of the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine.


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Ummmmm...WOW! The carpets look great! I'll definitely be keeping those cleaners in mind for the next time we clean the upstairs rooms! Thanks for sharing!

Petula Wright said...

Your carpet looks fab - brand new! I will definitely give this a go the next time I need a carpet cleaned. And you sold me when you said it cleaned your couch well. I have a couch and a chair that definitely needs it. Hmmmm... wonder if it'll work on mattresses. LOL. Is that going too far?

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