Sunday, September 22, 2013

Easy Fall Crafts #crafts

Happy Fall!  In celebration of the season, Country Woman magazine has put together a collection of beautiful fall crafts to make.  These crafts are easy enough for the kids to join in.  With some fall leaves, a bundle of wheat stalks and dried legumes you will be set for some great fall projects!

Harvest Frames: Welcome the whimsy of fall by using dried legumes—beans, lentils or split peas—to add color and texture to otherwise boring wooden picture frames. Spice up your traditional frames with a little paint, a little glue and a lot of legumes! This quick and easy craft will turn your adorable photos into autumnal artwork. For a full list of materials and instructions, please visit:

Decoupaged Wood Trays: Turn plain wooden trays into eye-catching accents for a coffee table or to mount on your wall, using card stock and decoupage glue. If you’d like, add your favorite photos or a seasonal saying. Make these festive trays waterproof by adding a coat of clear polyurethane varnish, and voila—a serving tray for holiday parties! For more details, please visit:

Wheat Sheaf Centerpiece: Symbolizing the bounty, a wheat sheaf is the perfect table decoration for autumn and Thanksgiving. This simple craft only requires three items—wheat stalks, a twist tie and taffeta. You can cut wheat stalks yourself, buy them from a farmer’s market or craft store, or order online from a site For more details on this classy yet cost efficient craft, please visit:

Pressed Leaves: You can capture autumn’s fleeting beauty one leaf at a time by using them to decorate pictures, cards and scrapbooks. Go on the hunt for the best specimens—leaves that are still soft and supple, not curled and dry. Take a brisk fall walk in the park, a forest or your own backyard and gather a handful of leaves you can hold on to for years to come! For a full list of materials and instructions:

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