Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cute #Halloween #Costumes

This year, I decided I had been taking the easy, boring road way too long when it came to Halloween costumes. I was tired of paying for cheap costumes and figured that I am creative enough to get make some cute costumes for my kids. After searching the internet a bit, we came up with a few ideas that the girls liked and I figured I could make. My oldest decided to be a fortune teller. That was pretty easy and I just used a lot of clothing items we had. Her "magic ball" is simply a clear snow globe from Hobby Lobby that we swirled paint around in.

Fortune Teller Costume, Gypsy costume

Claire's took a bit more work. First, I had to find cheap peacock feathers--that meant going to China. Okay, I didn't actually go to China, but I ordered some from eBay for about $7. Then, I took a wire hanger, bent it in a circle and pulled an old stocking over it. I hot glued the feather on and used tulle to tie it to her back. I paired it with a black t-shirt and black leggings. For the skirt, I used a piece of organdy table covering that I got at Hobby Lobby for $6 with my coupon. I simply folded it over an elastic belt and arranged it to look good. To make it short enough not to drag, I ended up pulling it in and tying a bow in back.

Peacock Costume

Peacock Costume


karenmed409 said...

very cute and creative, I have not seen a gypsy or peacock costume before. You did a great job on the costumes

Remus said...

wow... you did an awesome job! I love both their costumes :)

Mariana said...

Omigosh- those costumes are amazing! You're so creative! And both your girls seem VERY happy! Happy belated Halloween :)

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