Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Living Without Paper Products in the Kitchen #green

Sometimes, taking steps to living greener makes it easier.  Growing up, my parents were very frugal with paper towels, so I never really overused them.  Instead of paper towels, I have a spot under my kitchen sink for rags.  Whenever something spills on the floor, I grab a rag.  I stocked up on hand towels so there are always plenty of clean towels to dry my hands with instead of using a paper towel.  In fact, the only thing I mainly use paper towels for is to drain greasy foods.  

Instead of using paper towels to clean with, I use a rag.  Cleaning windows?  I use newspaper, old sheets or a microfiber cloth.

When the children were small, I purchased small washcloths to wipe their faces with.  Cleans up better than a napkin or paper towel.  But as they got older, we started using napkins.  After seeing my children go through two or three or more napkins a meal, I knew something had to give.  I finally decided I was going to use cloth napkins.  At first, the idea felt very formal to me.  But before I even purchased them, I made up my mind that I was not going to worry about stains on them.  After all, these weren't going to be napkins used for company, so as long as they were clean, I figured we could overlook any stains.  So, I bought a stack of cloth napkins (enough to have till the next load of laundry) and we started using them.  It's actually been a good thing.  Since I don't worry about stains, it really is no effort to just toss them in the laundry.  And actually, they wash up surprisingly well and I don't really have any major stains on them.

So, we did it.  We are virtually paper free in the kitchen.  Maybe I have inspired you to cut back or eliminate paper products in your home.  Oh, and just think of all the money you will save!

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