Monday, October 14, 2013

You Can Make a Difference (Without Spending a Dime)--Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I think most women these days are very aware it is breast cancer awareness month.  I mean, how could you miss the seas of pinks from sporting events, to walks to posts all over social media?  Awareness is a good thing.  It might make women more aware of the signs and preventative measures they can take.  But for many women, like myself, who have had friends or loved one diagnosed with breast cancer, we want to do more.  Sure, we can write the check, but did you know there is more you can do?

This past year, I have signed up to help with breast cancer research.  I have never been diagnosed with breast cancer but they still want women like me in their studies.  You can choose what kind of study you are willing to participate in.  I dove in and have sent every bodily fluid in for one study, but I know others might not feel comfortable doing that.  There are studies that are surveys only--you simply answer various questions (and can choose not to answer ones if you don't want to) and submit the answers.  And you may have follow-up surveys over the years.  These are the two places I have signed up with:  The HOW (Health of Women) Study and Army of Women (Dr. Susan Love Research).  Oh, and if you are a survivor, they want you, too!

Let's work together to end breast cancer!


Hobbies on a Budget said...

I didn't know they had these kinds of programs and studies going on. Thanks for telling me about them. It's good to know there's more we can do than just wear a pink ribbon.

Amy Smith said...

I did not know either that there were programs to participate in. Both my grandmothers had breast cancer, so I personally guess I kind of "expect" that the odds of getting it are probably higher. Thanks for sharing.

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