Monday, November 18, 2013

Best #Parenting Intentions Gone Bad

You ever have one of those parenting days?  When you think you are helping equip your child for the future and it ends up backfiring on you?  I had one of those days today.  We had just returned home and my youngest wanted me to go down to the basement with her to get her iPod.  That is something that really irks me.  She is seven and her sister is nine.  They run up and down to the basement all the time, but every now and then, they pull this "I'm too scared to go" line.  (Usually it is when I ask them to go get something.)  Sometimes, they convince the other sibling to go or I just tell the other sibling to go with them.  But tonight, my oldest daughter was somewhere up in her room.  And I didn't want to go down with my youngest.  In fact, I wanted to see the stars outside so I decided this would be a good time for a life lesson.  She needed to push past her fear and go down.  So, I encouraged her to do this.  Surprisingly, she did.  I ran out to look at the sky.  After a moment, my oldest comes flying out.  "Mom, Mom!  Claire is in the basement screaming."  Probably a millipede, I think.  When are they going to quit freaking out about those.  I walk inside and hear my youngest wailing, "MOMMY!  I AM TRAPPED IN THE BASEMENT BY A GIANT SPIDER!"

Oh the drama of girls.  I roll my eyes and head to the basement, listening to her terrified screams with each step.  As I round the corner to the playroom, I see her atop a table.  She is shaking and has a look of panic on her face.  I soon see why.  Between her and the door is a GIANT spider.  And I mean GIANT.  Crap.  I hate spiders but have gotten over most house spiders.  But this wasn't your every day garden variety house spider.  This was more like the size of a small rodent.

About this time I am kicking myself for getting my husband involved with PTO, as he was out for a meeting.  I quickly realize I have a couple choices.  I could turn and walk away.  (Okay, so that's not a real choice.)  I could run past it and grab my daughter and run up stairs.  But what would happen to the spider?  Would it find its way upstairs?  And would my kids ever play in the basement again without seeing a dead carcass?  My mind quickly played through the scenario of all the toys back scattered throughout the house.  Not an option, I decide.  That leaves one last alternative.  Kill the beast.  But how?  I didn't want to step on it.  I feared feeling it through my shoe.  Not to mention if it was one of those jumping spiders--I may not stomp quick enough.  I finally settled on bug spray and a fly swatter.   Once it was dead, I quickly swooped up my seven-year old and carried her upstairs to recover.

I guess this was more a lesson for me to push past my fears.  I only hope I did not completely traumatize my daughter.  And I am hoping for no nightmares from either of us tonight!  And, like my friend posted on Facebook tonight (by sheer coincidence), I am thankful spiders don't fly!

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