Thursday, November 14, 2013

What I Did for National Kindness Day #dokindess #kindnesscounts

Last week, my friend posted a video from the Ellen Show.  I love Ellen--she is so funny, yet so compassionate!  Anyway, the clip was about a waitress who had picked up the tab for two furloughed soldiers.  The waitress was a single mother, trying to make ends meet on her own, yet had a heart filled with compassion.  Ellen caught wind of it and ended up buying her a new car as she didn't have a car and relied on friends to get her to and from work.  If you want to be inspired, you can read more about it and watch the video HERE.

I was touched when I watched it, but little did I know it planted a seed within me.

Sunday night, my family and I visited a new restaurant in town.  We had a great server.  She had such a positive attitude and went above and beyond every step of the way.  My husband and I are both former servers, and we know how difficult waiting on tables can be.  We thanked her and told her we appreciated the great job she did, then asked to see the manager and let her know as well.  The server returned to the table and thanked us, telling us we didn't know how much it meant to her.  And then she let it slip that she is a single mom and is facing an $800 car repair bill.  She quickly realized that she let something slip out unintended and said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you that."  (Trust me, I make a living by reading people and she wasn't looking for a mercy tip.)  In addition to her regular tip, I opened my purse and left a $20 with the check.

As we left, we watched her from outside the restaurant.  It looked like she had tears in her eyes.  My girls were tickled to make her so happy.  We were all tickled.

But she stuck on my mind.  I hate it when I have an $800 car repair bill, and I can pay for it.  I remember the days when I was working two jobs just to pay the rent.  I couldn't imagine doing it with a child.  I prayed for her.

On Monday, my friends from the gym were talking about getting together for lunch.  We met for lunch last year around the holidays and everyone brought a $10-$15 gift for a gift exchange.  We had fun and all ended up with a lovely little gift.

That night, I started thinking.  We are all Christian Catholic women who are blessed to have so much in our lives.  We definitely don't need another candle or bottle of lotion or tree ornament.  What if my friends would get together and and put the money we would spend on a gift in an envelope and give it to the waitress?

I threw the idea out to my friends on Wednesday--National Kindness Day.  And overwhelmingly, they loved the idea.  (Of course, there is always the skeptic in the group--but I am not going to let her negativity drag me down.)   Our plan is to go to the restaurant (I got the Manager involved so we know the waitress will be there that day) and request her as a waitress.  We will then pass a Christmas card around and people can sign and add cash to the envelope.  I have a few friends who can't make the lunch date, however, they are going to give me money to pass on to the waitress.  Another friend of mine has brought it up to her Moms group and many moms would also like to donate.

And now the most touching part of the story so far.  I told my daughters what my friends and I were planning.  My oldest said, "Mommy, I want to give $10" and my youngest followed wanting to give $10 as well.  I love their generous hearts!

We aren't going to lunch till the 22nd, but I will be sure to fill you in on what happens!


Remus said...

I love that idea! Isn't it the best feeling in the world to surprise someone with a random act of kindness?

karenmed409 said...

You have a beautiful heart!! That is so sweet, our daughter is a waitress, and they sure don't make much. This is going to make her holidays one to remember.

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