Thursday, December 26, 2013

One Kindess Can Lead to Another

What happens when people are kind to one another?  In many cases, kindness, or even hearing about kindness, can spread.  Remember the waitress with a broken down car that my friends and I decided to help?  (Read here if you don't know the story.) Well, one of my friends told her husband.  Who then shared the story with his co-workers.  Who decided to adopt the waitress and her 4-year old son for Christmas and showered them with gifts.

Maybe you aren't in the position to do anything financial for someone, but even just sharing about a kindness that you heard can plant a seed in someone.  If you think about it, part of the idea to help this waitress came from a seed that a friend had planted when she shared on Facebook a kindness that Ellen Degeneres did for a waitress.

Why not try sharing kindness among your friends?  Who knows how far it will go!

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