Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Target/Neiman Marcus Breach--What You Need to Know if You Shopped There

Did you shop at Target or Neiman Marcus over the 2013 holiday season?  If so, it is very likely that your credit information and more have been compromised.  Unfortunately, my husband did shop at Target and unfortunately, our account was compromised.  There are certain steps you can take to protect yourself.  The first I would suggest is if you shopped at either of these stores, I would contact the bank issuing your card and have them send you new cards.  I would also recommend looking over your statement very carefully (even checking online once a week) for any fraudulent charges.

Once you have done that, you might want to think about putting a freeze on your credit.  The freeze with the three main credit monitoring bureaus.  This makes it so that no new accounts can be opened.  However, they now offer a pin number so if you do decide to apply for credit at some point, you can un-freeze the freeze.  This prevents criminals from attempting to open accounts under your name.

Also, you want to be very, very careful about any email offers or offers in the mail.  These could be fraudulent.  Remember, the hacker has more than just your name and credit/debit card number.  They have your address and email.  Do NOT click on links in emails.

If you used your charge at Target, they are offering free credit monitoring services for a year.  I would post the link here, but just so you know it is legit, please visit financial guru Clark Howard's website at to get the link plus more information.

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