Monday, February 17, 2014

Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog

I have always been a large dog person my entire adult life.  The first dog I had was pushing 120 pounds.  The next, 72.  The next, 68.  So, they were getting considerably smaller, but at that, 68 is still considered a large dog.  Then comes the most recent stray.  At 20 pounds, he is little (well, technically a medium size dog).  With such a drastic difference in size, I have noticed things that I never considered before.  Size of the dog matters financially.

Monthly heart worm and flea control medicine is less expensive for small dogs.  Collars and leashes are less expensive.  Dog pillows, crates, bowls and Frisbees for small dogs cost less.  And when it comes to feeding your dog, small dogs eats less than large dogs, leaving your wallet fatter.

Another consideration when choosing a large dog over a small dog is waste.  Whether it is in your own yard or you are picking up on walks, a little bit of poo is easier to pick up than a large amount.

If you travel with your pets, large dogs also take up large spaces in the car, leaving less room for your stuff.  Little dogs also take up less space on the couch and bed.

That being said, I love many large dog breeds and will probably always consider large dogs in the future.  But I have to admit, having a little one around is kind of nice!

Big verses Little.  Little dog leaves more people room on a couch.  But who can resist a German Shorthaired Pointer?


Kristen Flowers said...

My kids want a dog so bad but we are so busy with the kids getting into sports and us just being active people. So until our kids can take care of a dog by themselves, no dog for this family anytime soon!

Petula Lloyd said...

I can't afford any size dog right now, but when I can I am going to get one on the larger side. Great post; informative.

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