Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spa Sonic Body Polisher--Great Valentine's Gift #sponsored

Disclosure: I received a Spa Sonic Skin Care System to facilitate this review.

I have been reading a lot about skin polishers all over the place.  I got kind of curious about them.  I do take care of my skin--occasional using a scrub to exfoliate and always using lotion or moisturizer.  Would a polisher do a better job?  My friend feared it it would be too rough.

The Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher has been used and recommended by spas and dermatologists as part of a healthy skin care ritual.  Before being made available to Target stores, it was sold exclusively in spas and salons in North America.

My Spa Sonic Skin Care System has a pink base (girly, of course, but also comes in white and lavender) with five various attachments:  2 small facial brushes, 1 large body brush, 1 facial buffer, and 1 pumice stone.  I like that it came with the 4 AA Alkaline batteries as recommended.

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System claims that with clear complexion technology, it promotes:
  • younger skin
  • improves skin texture
  • reduces pore size
When I first put the batteries in and turned it on, nothing.  I checked and recheck the batteries.  My husband did the same.  He set it down in frustration and suddenly it started.  I couldn't figure out what had happened till I looked at the instructions.  It clearly states, "make sure your hands are dry when inserting the batteries."  I suspect my hands had been slightly damp when I started, so do make sure you have dry hands.  Once I was past this, it was very easy to use.  The attached brush (or other) gently rotates.  I used it both on my body and face and it did not feel rough, but a gentle massage feeling.  It can be used to cleanse your skin.  I also used my facial and body scrub with it to exfoliate my dry skin.  (This winter has been brutal!)  I also used the pumice stone on my feet (after soaking in warm water).  Love it--it rubbed off all the rougher dry skin with ease.

Clean up is a cinch.  Just rinse off the brush and wipe off the base.

I am not a huge gadget person, but I do like this enough to keep using it.  As for it's claims, I believe that keeping your skin exfoliated keeps it healthier and gives you a more youthful appearance and the Spa Sonic does a nice job of exfoliation.  It also seems to get every bit of dirt off of my face as evidence by when I use my clarifying lotion following.

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 Disclosure: I received a Spa Sonic Skin Care System to facilitate this review.

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