Monday, March 3, 2014

#Book Review: Homespun Gifts from the Heart #crafters

Do you ever wish you had the knack to come up with a nice homemade gift for a new neighbor, a teacher, a friend who is hurting or anyone who needs a bit of cheer?  Does the mere suggestion make you cringe because you just aren't that person?  Do you wish you could be?  Well, I found a lovely book, Homespun Gifts from the Heart by Karen Ehman, Kelly Hovermale and Trish Smith, that can show you how you easily be that person.

This book is a collection of 200 easy creative ideas and directions on making a nice gift.  It even includes gift tags that you can copy and cut out to go with your creation.  Seriously, there is no real skill in the ideas contained in this book.  Just simple but sweet ideas to fill a basket, a jar or other container to make a great gift.  Whether it is a basket of books or a jar filled with soup fixings, this book tells you how to do it.

I really liked the recipes to fill jars.  Soup recipes, brownie recipes, cookie recipes--they all make a great gift that you can make up ahead of time and store in your cupboard.  The ideas in this book are so easy, that kids can even make their own presents.  There are theme ideas for seasons, ideas for events and just because ideas.

Check it out--you will find you are more creative than you think you are.  You can get it in Kindle version only at Amazon.  See link below.

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Homespun Gifts from the Heart: More Than 200 Creative Ideas, 250 Gift Tags, & Easy Directions

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