Monday, March 3, 2014

@Surpahs Digital Anti-Fingerprint Kitchen Scale Review #sponsored #cooks

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this review.  As always, I have shared my honest opinions.  Links contained in the post are affiliate links.  

The more I cook, the more necessary a kitchen scale becomes for me.  Many recipes require a weight measurement, rather than number or size.  I have been using this old kitchen scale that I got from my mother a gazillion years ago.  It weighs accurate, however, the problem is that it is big and ugly.  In fact, I don't even keep it in the kitchen because I just don't have space in my cupboard for it.  (Guess I have too many other oddities in the cupboard, like pizelle makers and pasta makers.)  So, every time I need to weigh items when cooking, I have to trek off to the office to get my scale.  Till now, that is.

Vintage kitchen scale

I recently tried a  digital kitchen scale from Surpahs.  The Surpahs Digital Kitchen scale is perfect!  It has a smooth, sleek, stainless steel design.  It is so slim (just .6") that I can slip it in my cupboard without taking up hardly any space.  I love it! 

Digital kitchen scaleThe scale is simple to use.  It has an on/off button.  Press to turn on, press and hold to turn off.  It measures in ounces, pounds, grams, fluid ounces, and milliliters.  It is easy to switch between the unit of measurement simply by clicking the unit key.  It is also possible to measure in a container by using the tare feature.  This is easy to do as you just place the empty container on the scale prior to turning it on.  The scale will read zero, and from you can place items in the container to be weighed.

Weighing something repeatedly on different areas of the scale produced the same results, so I would say it is very accurate.  The display panel is large with LED green numbers.  I also like that this runs on 4 AAA batteries, as opposed to some specialized battery that you usually don't have on hand.  There is a battery indicator light that comes on when you turn the unit on.  The scale is also finger-print resistant and which helps it to stay looking nice and clean.

Digital kitchen scale

For those of you who diet or just like to measure the quantity of food you eat, this is the perfect tool for measuring exact ounces, or pounds.  The list price is $59.99 which seems a bit pricey to me, but Amazon sells it for $29.98 but right now, you can get it from Amazon for just $21.98.

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this review.  As always, I have shared my honest opinions.

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