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Bead for Life--Helping Women Help Themselves @BeadforLife

Disclosure:  Bead for Life sent me some products for review.  As always, this post contains my honest opinions.

As American women, we sometimes like to complain that we aren't treated as equals to men.  We complain that we don't make comparable salaries, aren't promoted to management positions, and so forth.  But when you look at the bigger picture of things, we, as American women, are truly blessed.  We are able to become educated, we are able to work, we can provide for our families.  It is not like that everywhere.  Take Uganda, for instance.  Women there live in extreme poverty with little to no income.  They not only lack jobs, they lack education.  It is truly heartbreaking.  I couldn't imagine as a mother, not being able to provide enough food for my children.

Bead for life
Loose beads to create your own designs.
I became interested in a company that does something to make a difference in these women's lives.  Bead for Life is non-profit company that helps provide women with training and skills to make products that are sold through house parties around the world. Each year, they help more than 10,000 Ugandans in more than 2,000 households, not through handouts, but through opportunities.  They not only teach women how to earn money by making beaded jewelry from recycled paper or gathering shea nuts, they also give them business or agricultural training to start their own unique business to be able to sustain their families in the future.

Bead for Life offers many products that Ugandan women make, including jewelry, lip balm, Shea Butter Soap, baskets and Akora shoulder bags.  I received a few product to review and I just simply LOVE them!  The beads don't even look like paper beads!  The glossy finish and uniformity makes it hard to believe that each bead is hand-made.  There is true talent here.  I also love the Akora shoulder bag.  It is a perfect size--not too large and cumbersome, but plenty big enough for a wallet, sunglasses, checkbook and more.  The fabrics of the bags are beautiful, too!  To touch these items and know that a mother on the other side of the world, made these items as a means of bettering her life, makes me feel honored to wear these products.

Beautiful necklace and bracelets!

Absolutely LOVE this Akora Bag!
Bead for Life is truly making a difference, but they can't do it without your help and the help of your friends.  Yep, your help.  Your friend's help.  My help.  All of us together--we can make a difference.  And it is EASY!  We all love to get together with our friends--whether for a house party or just to hang out.  Why not do it with a purpose?  Why not offer Bead for Life items for purchase, with the proceeds going to Ugandans?

Hosting a Bead for Life party is super easy.  Just visit the website and register.  Once registered, Bead for Life will send you a box of goods on consignment.  At your party, sell what you can and return the funds and unsold items in a box with the supplied pre-paid shipping label.  It couldn't be easier.  And think of the satisfaction you would have knowing that not only will you and your friends enjoy beautiful items, but you will be helping women become self-sufficient!  (You can read more about how it works by clicking

Why not change the world this Mother's Day?  You can honor mothers and friends by finding unique gifts all while changing the lives of other mothers in Uganda.  Just host a Mother's Day Bead for Life party and change the world.  Just make sure you register before May 2 to make sure you receive your party box on time!  I definitely am excited about hosting a party for my friends in the future!

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Disclosure:  Bead for Life sent me some products for review.  As always, this post contains my honest opinions.


Ruth Cox said...

There is a whole lot to be said for offering opportunity rather than handouts. It truly helps make a difference in one's day to day living as well as one's self-esteem.

I love that Akora bag!

Amy Smith said...

This sounds like a very fun service project. I want to look into it further when life slows down just a little. Maybe this summer.

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