Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#Giveaway: 4-Set Books on Motherhood (From Touching to Snarky and Everything in Between) #books

Disclosure: I received copies of these books to facilitate this review.  As always, my honest opinions are shared.

Motherhood is definitely a tough job. Especially if you do it right. It can be the worst job you have ever had (seriously, where else can you literally say that someone crapped on you today) and the most rewarding job you have ever had (smiles and hugs are simply priceless). Mothers everywhere should be rewarded for their efforts in raising up their children.

I am happy to say that for this Mother's Day, I am able to offer four wonderful books for a giveaway.  These books are sure to touch or tickle mothers everywhere.

For the New Mother: Little Blessings by Anne Geddes

A beautiful, new gift book that features the world of award-winning photographer and New York Times bestseller Anne Geddes. Each spread features a unique photograph paired with a thoughtful quote or blessing that highlights the joy, beauty, and wonder that new babies bring to every parent. Through the lens of Anne Geddes, Little Blessings captures the unparalleled relationship between child and caregiver.

What can I say?  Who doesn't love the photography of Anne Geddes?  That alone makes this a beautiful book, but added to it are lovely quotes about motherhood, such as A baby is born with a need for love, and never outgrows it or A soul is healed by being with children.  Simply a beautiful hardbound book that will be treasured by mothers.

For the Inspired Mother: Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by Kathy Davis

Love Blooms in a Mother's Heart by Kathy Davis
Whether your mom lives just around the corner or is cherished deep in the memories of your heart, the words of love and wisdom in Love Blooms in a Mother’s Heart by top greeting card designer Kathy Davis will bring you a little closer to your own. Known for her whimsical style and uplifting sentiments of giving and sharing joy, Kathy Davis is a true woman entrepreneur who turned a passion into a business.

Simply sweet and beautiful.  Filled with quotes that will inspire mothers.  Watercolor pictures brighten these pages.  A lovely gift book!

For the Snarky Mother: I’m Dangerous…I’m Not Gonna Lie by Erin Smith

From Erin Smith – a hip, irreverent visual artist with a nationally distributed gift line and a unique, pitch-perfect look – comes I’m Dangerous…I’m Not Gonna Lie - a mash up of art, essays, and laugh-out-loud observations designed to find humor in the everyday mundane. Celebrate the art of living loud with the sassiest, smartest, hottest gift book.   Includes hilarious, make-your-day quotes like:  The super girl cape is in the laundry… you’ll just have to take my word for it,” “As much as I try to be an easygoing, stretch-your-wings-and-fly type, I just can’t stop trying to burst people into flames with my mind.”

If you are the snarky type, this one is for you.  Personally, I like to think motherhood is more than being snarky about everything, but to each her own.  I do like the mixed media art work contained on the pages.

For the Mother Who’s A Kid Again: Big Me, Little You

Create a memory-filled journal with the kid in your life! The Big Me, Little You journal is packed with fun prompts, activities, and crafts that provide you with a way to share and engage with the special kid in your life. Fill it out together or send it back and forth – there’s no limit to the way you can connect and share through words, pictures and lists!

A wonderful book!  I could hardly keep my daughter's hands off this paperback book to write the review.  This is the type of book that can build bonds between kids and mom.  Perfect for little ones, too as long as they can talk and Mom can write.  But also, just as awesome for teens, too!  Kudos!

Anyway, if you would love to win a copy of each of these books, please enter the giveaway below!  Open in the US and Canada!

Disclosure: I received copies of these books to facilitate this review.  As always, my honest opinions are shared.


Unknown said...

When she walked me down the aisle!

Ruth Cox aka abitosunshine said...

Tough question! I'll share the first that came to mind... I was 16 and everyone in the house was sound asleep except for my Mom and me. I snuggled up to her on the sofa, she put her arm around me, just like I was still her little girl. I looked up at her and said, "I love you, Mommy." Tears dropped from the eyes of us both as we hugged as Moms and their daughters do.

Carla D. said...

When she was there for the births of my 2 daughters. She was my strength.

AuroraCat said...

traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise that's my favorite memory!

blew415 said...

Going to Disney world- we make memories each yr

stephanie scales campbell said...

my mom always telling me how special i was because i was adopted and she choose to have me

Unknown said...

Her just being there for me every step of my life!

Unknown said...

I loved making cookies with my mom

Jenny said...

My favorite memory is when she was there for the birth of my kids and she was also the one to cut the cord. Wonderful moment.

Andrea Amy said...

When I was pregnant with my first child, and my mom helped me pick names :) I gave her the final choice, cause I was undecided.

Unknown said...

My favorite memory of my mom is her singing me songs to sleep.

Melissa said...

My favorite memory with my Mother is her recent visit from Arizona to spend time with me and my teenage son / her grandson. We had a great time from hitting the Go-Karts to redecorating to play board games with the family!

Brandy said...

One of my favorite memories with my Mom is making hard tack candy for Christmas.

wen budro said...

My fave memory is her cooking.

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