Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Questions? Here is a Great Resource to Find Your Answers

Many people are unfamiliar with a great resource in your community--the Cooperative Extension Office.  The Cooperative Extension System is a national education network with offices locally or regionally across the United States.  The offices are staffed by experts who can offer useful, practical and research-based information to anyone.  

Some of the services they offer include information or classes on home economics, budgeting, food and nutrition, diet and exercise, parenting, aging, youth services, technology, family management, gardening, pest management and more.  They provide recipes, informational brochures, tip sheets and more.  Many times you will find a booth at community events or the fair, or you can call or stop by the office for information.

I personally have used the extension office for many things.  In my area, they will test your soil for free and tell you what you should add to improve its health.  I have also called with baking and cooking questions that I wasn't able to find answers to on the internet.  I have used many of the recipes they have distributed.  I learned all about the Emerald Ash Borer and how to treat your trees.  I have received information about gardening and the best types of plants for my area.  Just today, I dropped off applications for 4-H for my kids.

There are so many things they can help with--it is definitely a resource to check out.  Even if you think you might not need them now, it is good to know what they offer in case you would need services in the future.

You can click here to find your own local office and get more information about services available to you.

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