Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

With rising costs, many of us are looking for ways to save money that don't hurt.  What we often overlook are small purchases that can really add up over time.  Buy cutting back on some small things, we can save BIG bucks without really feeling a pinch.  Here are some ideas:
  1. Borrow books, CDs or DVDs from the library.  If you haven't been to the library lately, you might be surprised at how many great movies and music CDs they have.  If they don't have what you want, you can see if they can get it from another library or will purchase it themselves.
  2. Swap CDs and DVDs with your friends and neighbors.  Just be good about returning so they are happy to loan to you again.
  3. Look for Kids Eat Free restaurants.  You can do a Google Search for your location.
  4. If you usually buy your lunch at work, brown bag it instead, even if it is just a couple times a week.
  5. Lose the vending machine or convenience store habit.  Instead, buy snacks at the grocery and keep them at work or in the car.
  6. Have a clothing, jewelry, accessory (or all three) swap with your friends.
  7. Instead of dining out with friends, plan a pot luck.
  8. Cut your children's hair at home.  But only attempt this if you have some skill level at doing so.  (I have been cutting my girl's hair for 10 years--think of the savings!)
  9. Make a grocery list and only purchase what is on the list.
  10. Use coupons.  If you don't like to clip, check your grocery stores website--often times they have digital coupons that download to your rewards account.  Other sites that offer digital coupons include Saving Star and Cellfire.
Every little bit counts and can add up to big savings!

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ETowns said...

These are great tips, and every one of them is achievable. I guess we really don't think about the little t hings we can do to save smart.

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