Friday, May 16, 2014

Art Bird Bags #Eco #Green

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review.


I really try to be eco-friendly where I can.  We use cloth napkins at home.  We use rags instead of wipes or paper towels.  I use old sheets to clean mirrors and window glass.  I have a spray bottle of vinegar and water to wipe my stainless steel and counter tops.  We use reusable water bottles.  I don't buy prepackaged serving size snacks and foods for my kids lunches.  We use plastic containers for sandwiches.  But I have had one problem--and that is snacks and cookies.  I try using plastic containers, but sometimes, they just won't fit in the lunch box with the sandwich box, fruit container and water bottle, so I will admit, we have been buying snack bags.  It just about kills me.

I had just started exploring other options when I had the opportunity to review products from Art Bird.  I was immediately drawn to their items, nuts and bolts bags and crossbody slings, because of the retro and artsy looks.  The nuts and bolts bag is perfect for all sorts of things; make up, lunch, snacks.  I like it as a reusable snack bag because it has a food-safe insulated lining with no lead, pthalates or BPA.  It is perfect for the little snacks or cookies I send to school.  Just wipe it clean and wipe dry.  Perfect for those of us who are eco conscious.

reusable sandwich bag
I love the fish print!
reusable snack bag

I also checked out the crossbody sling.  I chose the butterfly design.  It is so uber cute!  It is well made with a durable zipper.  It comes in the large size of 8.5" x 11", which really isn't that large, but the perfect size for me as I just want something that can hold my gigantic prescription sun glass case, my checkbook wallet and chapstick and a pen.  The outer fabric seems like a neoprene and the interior is flannel lined.    The strap is durable and adjustable.  Love this--I will be using this a lot this summer as it is not too bulky but holds what I need.  And the cute factor is out of this world!
Isn't it totally adorable?
A litte bit about ArtBird.  They are a small family business (the kind I love to support) out of New Hampshire.  They are committed to designing great bags that can have multiple uses.  Every bag has original art and graphics that they hope inspire you.  The guarantee that you will think your bag is wonderful and if not, they will refund your money.

You can learn more about them by visiting

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