Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun, Easy Summer Activity for Kids #summer #kids #crafts

School's finally out!  What a long year due to all the piled on snow days.  But we are finally able to enjoy summer break.  Yesterday, we started with a very easy craft.  It went hand-in-hand with the pancake breakfast we had.  Well, sort of.  And that is that before I put the griddle away, we decided to have fun with it and old crayons.

We lined the griddle when still cool with foil.  Then we turned it on to about 275°-300°.  We set a sheet of paper and taking crayons with the paper removed, began drawing on the paper, being careful not to touch the griddle.  As extra protection, I had the girls use an oven mitt on their other hand.  A silicone glove would really be handy here!

The girls loved how the wax melted as they drew.  The pictures were great when finished and then we noticed that holding them up to the window gave them a stained glass effect, so we taped them up.

This was very easy with very little prep and clean up, yet the results were amazingly fun!

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Amy said...

Ann, I love this idea. Am definitely going to try this with the kids. I think they will really enjoy it.

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