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Review: EveryOne Hair Care #Green #haircare

Disclosure:  I received sample products in exchange for an honest review.  I was not compensated for this post.

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I keep hearing more and more about how shampoos are filled with chemicals that aren't good for you.  But honestly, I am so picky about shampoos that I feared shampoos without all the "stuff" wouldn't perform as well.  But, I decided to give Small world Trading Co. new line of hair care a try.  EveryOne Hair line was just recently introduced.

EveryOne is a natural, effective, affordable line of products that was designed for anyone on any budget.  These products were formulated with pure plant extracts that don't leave any residue. The products are sulfate-free.  Both Quinoa protein and Abyssinian oil are the foundations of this line of hair care and lock in moisture and provide shine with no oily residue.

I was provided this information about the three different formulas: 
Balance: Itchy, flaky scalp and oily hair got you feeling unbalanced? Enter Everyone Balance Shampoo and Conditioner. When our bodies are dried out from chemicals and the environment our systems naturally create more oil. So, instead of chemically drying out your oily hair and creating more imbalance, EveryOne¹s solution is nature¹s solution: rosemary, clary sage and tea tree oils. 
Volume: Hair feeling flat? Turn up the volume with Everyone Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. The amazing EveryOne Hair product development team created a solution made up of essential oils to plump hair naturally without weighing it down. Rosemary oil has been used for centuries for stimulating skin and hair, and it stars in this incredible duo.

Nourish: Your hair is performing every day in the sun and wind. It¹s thirsty! Give dry hair and scalp what it craves with quinoa and Abyssinian oil. Everyone Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner has an extra boost of moisturizing Abyssinian oil for added hydration, while oat beta glucan improves elasticity, promotes cell growth, provides protection from UV rays and binds to hair to keep all that extra moisture right where it belongs.

I tried the Volume first as many shampoos weigh my hair down. I squirted the usual amount in the palms of my hands and put it on my hair. I nearly went into a panic--it didn't lather seemed to strip my hair. My hair felt like straw and I thought I would never get a brush through due to tangles when I was finished. I also feared ruining my color job, but had read that it was safe for color-treated hair, so I added more shampoo. I did get a bit of a lather, but not like I am used to. But I could tell it was enough shampoo so I rinsed. Once rinsed, my hair didn't feel too bad. I used the conditioner and my hair immediately softened. When I was done, my hair surprisingly was not tangley and felt good. I blew it dry. I was amazed! I have never had so much body in my hair before! It was full, shiny and healthy. I am sold!!! I tried the other products and liked as well, but by far, I liked Volume best as that is what my hair really needs!

You can find Everyone Hair Care products at select Whole Foods Markets for $12.99 for a 20 fl. oz. bottle.

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