Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Prank for Kids--Fake Blood Recipe

My girls came in today asking if I had corn syrup and corn starch.  They had been reading The Daring Book For Girls and decided they wanted to make fake blood to trick the neighborhood boys.  It worked great--even tricked a grandma!

Here is the recipe:

Mix in a jar with a lid 1-2 tsp. of corn starch with 2 tsp. of water.  Add 4 drops (or more) of red food coloring and shake well.  Add 2 TBLS. corn syrup and shake well.  With a dropper, squirt blood where needed.  Remember, red food coloring stains so use outdoors and with caution!

We mixed in a bit of mulch/dirt to make it look like she fell down.

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Amy Smith said...

My kids are going to love this. They have actually been using the blackberry juice from the berries in the yard to try to trick me :-)

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