Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Make the Old Look New with this Homemade Furniture Polish #green #cleaning

I have seen a few places on the internet how you can make old wood furniture look new by using homemade polish.  I have wanted to try it on our baseboards and railings as they have been beaten up and sun damaged since before we moved in.  I have tried numerous products and polishes that improved it slightly.  However, from the photos I have seen on the net, this recipe looks like it is da bomb (hmm, been hanging around 8th graders too long).  Anyhoo, I was eager to try it and see if it is as good as I have read.  I finally had the opportunity today.

The recipe is very easy.  Mix 3 parts olive oil with 1 part white vinegar.  Since I wasn't fully convinced this stuff was going to be better than sliced bread, I started with a small batch of 3 TSP olive oil to 1 TSP white vinegar just to give it a try.

I started with the baseboard at the steps.  This is right at the entrance and looks awful.  For over 9 years I have lived with this:

But now I have this to look at:

All I can say is AMAZING!  So I went to town.  Next, the piano bench that was scuffed up when I purchased it from a garage sale.  I previously used Old English dark wood polish on it and the piano, which helped.  However, that stuff is messy and if you get it on your carpet, there is no getting it out.  Not to mention the price tag on it.  I did the left half the bench in the first photo below with the homemade recipe.  You can see the difference.

Then I did the entire bench.  It didn't cover everything, but boy, what a difference!

Then I went back to the steps.  The rails and more baseboard needed help.  Much of the rails were damaged from sun streaming in the window prior to moving in.  Once we got here, I added a blind, but honestly, I thought that some day I would need to refinish it all and was not looking forward to that.  I wasn't sure this was going to help.


And after:

Holy cow!  Looks almost new!  

I kept going...

I used an old baby wash cloth to rub on, however, any soft cloth would work.  For deeper gouges, I dipped my cloth in the the mixture and pushed it in the gouge a bit.  

I will have to admit, then I was on a roll.  It was so fun seeing the old look new again that I did all the wood doors in my hall as well as the baseboards and door frames.  And, the added benefit is that my hands feel super soft from the olive oil!

I just mixed this up in a small ramekin and dipped my rag, but putting it in a squirt bottle might work as well.  And if you like a spray, you might try an olive oil sprayer.

Happy cleaning!


Ruth Cox said...

I think "Da Bomb" is a great way to describe the amazing job the furniture polish did on your wood pieces. I will be trying this homemade polish myself.

Stacey Burton said...

I just tried a natural wood floor cleaner recipe this past weekend & my floors feel cleaner than they ever have. I am going to try this wood polish too! Thanks!

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