Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Selfie Thing

Selfie--wasn't even a word a few years back but now it is more popular than sliced bread.  Yep, I have taken a few selfies, mainly because, as the photographer of the family, that is the only way I get my picture taken.  I could pretty much care less about getting my picture taken (especially since I am very "un-photogenic"), however, since I have kids, I know that some day they might want to look back at pictures of their mother.  I have also take some with the kids and spouse or friends for fun.

And then I look on  social media.  Some people post selfies like they are going out of style.  Articles in the news, magazines and the internet detail how to take the perfect selfie.  The selfie craze is in full bloom.  In fact, last year, "selfie" was the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary (although blogger still things is is a misspelled word).

Our culture has developed a fascination with ourselves (rather than others).  My heart really goes out to the young girls (or adults) who feel like they have to have the perfect picture and spend hours trying to acquire it.  I just wish they knew they were perfect just the way they are, flaws and all.

Rachel Marie Martin at Finding Joy wrote a great article about selfies entitled why you are worth more than the perfect selfie.  It is definitely worth a read and questions the meaning behind the selfie and what we are teaching our children when we take picture after picture striving to get the "perfect" selfie.  It is great food for thought.

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