Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get Green With Scott Naturals and #TossTheTube #Eco #Green

toilet paper tubes

Today in New York City, a replica of the Empire State Building constructed entirely of toilet paper tubes was revealed.  This structure was designed to get Americans to think about the 17 billion toilet paper tubes that are tossed each year and to think about going a little greener by choosing more innovative products, such as Scott Naturals Tube Free toilet paper.

I recycle my toilet paper tubes and for years I have wondered just how many toilet paper tubes end up in the garbage.  Now I know.  I know they break down eventually, but still... So, when I heard about Scott Naturals tubeless toilet paper and I had to smile at the brilliance of it!  Not only will it cut down on the billions of toilet paper tubes that end up in the landfill, think of the impact it will have over all on the environment by eliminating the production process!

If you Scott Brand now and take the pledge to go tube free, you can get a valuable coupon.
Scott Naturals Tubefree

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