Monday, August 18, 2014

Sol Republic Relays Headphones Review

Disclosure: I received a set of headphones to facilitate this review.  As always, I am sharing my honest thoughts.

Have you ever been listening to the radio when an old song plays and you vividly remember that song playing in the past and remember what exactly was taking place when it played way back then?  It is as if you are transported back there for a moment and can feel everything all over again.  Whether it was running through campus singing the song with your friends or your first dance with the love of your life, it seems that every great moment has a song attached to it.  Sol Republic believes this is your "Soundtrack of Life."  And to listen to your Soundtracks of Life, they have designed Relays headphones to deliver great sound on the go, no matter where you are.

Relays headphones feature:
  • i5 Sound Engines 
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • lightweight and low profile
  • Mic + music control
  • Ear-tips for life
Relays in-ear headphones fit great.  They are simple to put in and stay in place.  They are clearly marked L and R so you know which ear to put them in.  They also come with 4 different size ear tips for the perfect fit.

The Mic + Music control is great.  When playing music, click the play button once to pause, click again to resume.  With Apple compatible products, click play button twice quickly to track forward, three times quickly to track backward.  The top button increases the volume while the bottom button decreases volume.  During phone calls, pressing and holding down the play button for 2 seconds declines an incoming call.  Click the play button twice to switch over to call waiting, click again to switch back.  Once again, top and bottom buttons control volume up or down.  

These headphones have great sound quality, no matter what type of music I am listening too.  They are designed especially for iPod, iPhone and iPad.  Another nice feature is the small carrying bag for your headphones when not in use.  This is great for me, because otherwise, my headphones get tossed in the car and tangled with something.  And speaking of tangling, the cord does not tangle easily, as some headphones do, and I really like this feature.  I also like that they want you to be satisfied and offer a one-year guarantee.

I am also pleased with the sound quality of the mic.  I use this as a hands-free set for my phone and initially, I would constantly ask people if they could hear me okay.  Everyone told me they could hear me with no problems.  I love that I can be hands free when I take a walk or am doing things around the house.

I know many kids are going off to college right now and I think these would make a great gift!

(Link below is an affiliate link--same great Amazon prices!)

Disclosure: I received a set of headphones to facilitate this review.  As always, I am sharing my honest thoughts.

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