Monday, September 29, 2014

10 Years Old--To Instagram or Not? #parenting

After school today, my 10 year old daughter informed me that she needed an Instagram account.  Needed.  That kills me.  But I am not even going to go there because if you parent anything like I do, your kids are well aware that they need food, clothing, shelter and love and beyond that, it's all wants.  So, I pretended to not even hear the word needed because I could already tell the direction this conversation was going to take.

The easy thing to do would be to allow her to have an account.  Because, after all, I trust her.  I really do.  And I trust her friends.  So where does my hesitancy lie?  It lies in the fact that I have worked with children too long and know what the risks are.  Beyond general girl cattiness, there are far greater things lurking out there.  Like the older brother or kid on the bus who grabs one of my daughter's friend's iPod or phone and posts a nasty message on her picture.  Or the group of girls who suddenly decide to start rating people.  Or the feeling that comes when your photo doesn't get many likes.

I am not sure my 10-year old is prepared for these situations.  Or any 10 year old.  Or 12 year old.

So my answer was no.

I was tired.  We had a busy evening and I knew what the no would bring.  Drama and arguments, which inevitably ensued.  

I tried to help her understand the reason for my no was to protect her.  On one level, I think she may understand, but on another level, she so very much wants to be like her friends.  All I know is, it is going to be a long road ahead and as much as I hate to tell her no, I know it is for her own good.

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