Sunday, September 28, 2014

An Easy Way to Cook Bacon #bacon

I love bacon, but I hate cooking it because of the mess it makes.  First, it splatters all over the place and beyond that, you are left with a greasy mess in the skillet.  I was reading online to make it in your waffle maker.  They touted how great it was because the grease ran off the bacon.  Wow--sounds like a really cool deal.  So I tried it.  It was an epic failure and I am lucky I didn't burn down the house.  What I didn't think through was where that grease went.  Guess what?  It went under my waffle maker plates into the heating element.  Fortunately, I realized it before it became too much of a mess.  So, the next time I made bacon, I came up with a better solution--my little grill (think George Forman, only not George Forman).  This worked!  The grease ran down into the grease drip tray.  Cleanup was as easy as slipping the grill plates into the dishwasher.  Bacon cooked perfectly.  The only drawback was it did take about 8 minutes to cook and only so many pieces fit in at a time.

Also, on my second batch, I cut the bacon in half and laid it vertical. This helped more of the grease to run off of it.

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