Monday, September 15, 2014

The Easy Way to Choose Secure Passwords

Do you remember the days when the only pass code you needed to remember was the 4-digit number for the lock on your school locker?  Times have really changed since then.  And if you are like me, you have hundreds of passwords that you have to keep track of.  Every single site you visit wants you to have a password now.  Sometimes, it is not really even necessary at some sites.  (Seriously, I don't think anyone is going to hack my Better Homes and Gardens online account so I can log in to view all projects at once.)  Naturally, others definitely require a secure sign in password.

Experts advise not using the same password for multiple accounts, which definitely makes sense.  But I really miss the days when I just had a couple passwords that I used repeatedly.  I never had to write them down and go look them up.

I recently read a suggestion on how to come up with a great password and thought it was brilliant.  Choose one password you want to use.    Say you want your password to be "password."  To make it more difficult, it is advisable to include one capital letter, a number and a symbol.  You could make it pAssword*14.  Here is where it gets clever.  You can use that same password at all sites by simply adding the first 2 letters of the site you are visiting.  Example:  for your Yahoo account, make your password pAssword*14ya.  For your Amazon account, make your password pAssword*14am.  Get the idea?  Or, you could just as easily make it yapAssword*14 andampAssword*14.  That way, your password will be different for each account, but easier for you to remember!

If you want to make it even more secure, choose a non-word, such as hApolaw?97.  This would make it very difficult for someone to figure out.

Hope this helps!

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ETowns said...

My problem is I can't remember the secure passwords. I feel nuts writing them down because what if somebody gets the book that where I write down the passwords? Then I forget which password goes to each application. *sigh*

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