Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Generous Heart--Proud Parenting Moment #parenting

My youngest daughter, age 8, received a gift card for Family Christian for her First Communion and today was the day that we remembered to take it with us for her to spend. We arrived at the store and she and her sister joyfully looked around while she pondered what to buy.  I saw her looking at earrings and noting the price of one pair. She then went off to the toy section, then wandered back to me. She was still trying to decide when she came across a display for new baby. She immediately asked me if she could buy a gift for the baby her second grade teacher had last month.  I told her that it was her gift card to spend as she like.  She nodded her head and proceeded to pick out a stuffed bear for the new baby. It melted my heart.  Instead of choosing something for herself, she chose to share with others. Her generosity and kind spirit just melted my heart!


Ruth Cox aka abitosunshine said...

You have every right to be the proud Momma! It does a heart good to see kindness and generosity in the young ones.

Unknown said...

Sweet, sweet girls. Both of them!

Unknown said...

So sweet!!

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